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Frequently asked questions

Where is your clinic?

Our clinic is located in the basement (concourse) of the Richardson Centre in downtown Winnipeg. We are right across from the Starbucks that is located in the basement of the Fairmont Hotel and right before the basement entrance to the Grain Exchange. (Not the Starbucks in Winnipeg Square)

Where do i Park?

For Free parking there are 15 minute loading zones in front of the Richardson Building on Lombard Pl, across from the Fairmont Hotel on Main St, Lombard Pl near Waterfront Dr, and Mc Dermot by Rorie st.

$1/Hr Parking is located on Lombard Pl, Mc Dermot, and right across from the Fairmont Hotel on both the North and South portions of Main St. 

There are also multiple parking lots surrounding the Richardson Centre that have ample parking space but cost more.

what to expect on your first visit

On your first visit you will be greeted and run through a health history. The health history includes paperwork that outlines what you may be experiencing physically, past health concerns, and anything that you may want one of our practitioners to know. After you are done the paperwork an examination will follow. This is where the practitioner will decide what the treatment plan is, what your condition is, how long it will take to get you to your health goal, and the first treatment.

what should i bring to the first and subsequent visit?

For the first visit you should bring your Manitoba Health Card and Private insurance card so we can check your coverage to be able to determine if we can direct bill for you.  If you have any concerns with the lower back, shoulder, ankles, or knees please bring a pair of shorts to your appointment so we can better serve you. We also accept cash, debit, master card, and credit card if you do not have private insurance.

**Manitoba Health covers $8.29 for the first seven visits to a chiropractor. After these seven visits Manitoba Health no longer covers a portion of the chiropractic service.

Do you direct bill insurance companies?

We direct bill most insurance companies as long as your insurance policy has an assignment of benefits. Some of the insurance companies that we direct bill are as follows: GREAT-WEST LIFE, BLUE CROSS, GREEN SHIELD, COOPERATORS, SIRIUS, CLAIM SECURE, MAXIMUM BENEFITS, CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, UFCW, SUNLIFE, INDUSTRIAL ALLIANCE

***We also help bill for patients who are involved in motor vehicle accidents (MPI) or Workers Compensation.

Who is a potential chiropractic patient?

At Align we believe everyone of all shapes and sizes is a potential chiropractic or massage patient. We are here to help those who are currently experiencing pain, have chronic pain, those who are looking to optimize their health, and people who are wanting to be preventative with their health. We take care of a lot of families which range from newborns all the way up to seniors. We use different techniques and equipment for different ages and sizes, it is never a one size fits all treatment.

what is the Importance of Maintenance?

Maintenance is very important because it allows us to check up on how your body is responding to care and to your environmental stress. We find that every person has a different level of maintenance which includes frequency of visits, amount of rehab, and treatment options. A patient usually reaches maintenance once their primary conditon is resolved or is looking to prevent anything from reoccurring or occurring in the first place. 

DO you have a Bathroom?

We do not have a bathroom on site but there are two very close by that our staff can help you find.

what techniques do you practice? 

At Align we use a variety of techniques that we apply specifically for each and every one of our patients. Diversified, Motion Palpation, Thompson Drop, and Advanced Muscle Palpation are the manual techniques we use. Activator is a non manual approach of analysis and adjusting (this is a technique we use on some kids and those who would prefer a less aggressive approach). We also utilize the Webster technique which Dr. Okabe is certified in which is used as a specific technique for pregnant women. 

does your clinic do any SPONSORSHIP'S, educational talks, ergonomic assessments, etc?

We sponsor a lot of different charities, socials, sporting teams, athletes, and tournaments around Manitoba every year. Since we take care of a lot of families and athletes, we find ourselves donating or sponsoring events quite often.

Dr. Okabe enjoys to do educational talks about once to twice of month which covers a variety of topics that his audience is interested in. He also does lunch and learns where he talks about a topic while bringing a lunch for the audience. 

Ergonomic assessments are becoming more and more important as the job market is requiring more time sitting than ever. Dr. Okabe has performed numerous ergonomic assessments where he will point out certain changes that need to be made in order to have the best chance at limiting work place injuries.

***Please contact us if you would like to inquire about sponsorship, donations, or to have Dr. Okabe help you out with the services stated above.